Amateur Radio Stations:


 2,Thorpe Avenue, Fengate, Moulton Chapel, Lincolnshire. PE12 XN
   itu: 27
   cq: 14
   Hi my name is Keith,
   thanks for visiting my page before you leave
   please sign the guest book. I have been aware
   of radio from an early age, I was born 24/09/1952.
   I remember around 1957/8 listening on the wireless
   in my families living room and not sure the what it was
   I was listening to though I think now it was possibly
   40 meters (7 mhz.) of course it was AM and morse code
   I didn't know that  until many years latter.
   TV was in black & white and only 2 channels the BBC & ITV
   and was only broadcast for a few hours every day so the wireless
   was a good friend to have 24 hours a day,

   So to move forward my school years passing by and Sputnik was
   launched in 1957 and we listened with ore as we heard that beep beep ...
   President Kennedy was shot in 1962 then Winston Churchill died in 1964
   The Beatles and Flower Power in 1967 Summer of Love.....
   1969 it was one small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind.
   Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon, also in 1969 CONCORDE
   flew for the first time it's test pilot's name Brian Trubshaw god
   didn't we all want to be him?

   The 197`s arrived and I was lucky enough to get a job as Road Manager
   with STATUS QUO...I had met them in 1968 at Wolverhampton civic hall.
   I started work with QUO December 1972 and I must say I wouldn't change
   a thing yes all you heard about Rock bands was true....BUT with the
   good times  of sun, women, booze and drugs went hard work...
   24tonns of equipment at Heidelberg University went up 23 flights
   of stairs and at the end of the show went down the same way ....
   I have been very lucky I have seen a lot of this world  46 states
   of America,   3 times to Australia,   Japan ,and from Finland 
   to Spain .......
   in 1973 I was in the states and one of the band bought a hand held
   27mhz AM CB  my very first taste of  Personal RADIO .
   I finished working with Quo October 1975...and by 1978 there was
   a huge influx of illegal 27mhz am/ssb radios and I was hooked..
   The 198s I joined RSGB (198)took the RAE(1982) and the Morse Test (1985)

   My qth is set in open farmland 6 miles out from the small market town
   of Spalding it is just a few miles south of BOSTON just a little more famous
   than Spalding we have lived here from 8th.October1999.The house is
   set in 1/2 acre of ground so a lot of gardening to do.
   My equipment is due for an update I have a 12mtr tower and have 3el
   yagi 1/15/2 this will change to a 4 el also to be added to the tower
   a 3el 12/17/3 I will possibly keep my 2x g5rv but am not real happy
   with its performance I think I may try a Gap Voyager vertical for 4/8/16
   I also use a 3el yagi for 6mtrs I don't think this will change.
   I am hoping to get a couple of new radios both Yaesu ft95 & ft45
   also an ACOM 1 amplifier......
   I am looking for DXCC with both my call signs GFDJ(mixed)
   and G6NVC (CW)
   I am a member of a number of clubs:
   Radio Society of Great Britain.
   Spalding ARS.
   G-QRP CLUB #4112
   BARTG          #847
   FISTS           #1348
   RAOTA          #1669
   SKCC            #4226
   EPC               #1924
   WAB book#425 //#13116